Why It Works

MLM PLR ArticlesTrying to recruit even 1 single person into your mlm business these days is almost impossible using the ‘traditional’ methods taught by your sponsor…

“Hunting Vs Farming”

It is becoming harder and harder to recruit these days. BAD network marketing recruiters are taught to be like hunters… going out into the world, seeing everyone as a target, having conversations with secret motives, always looking for a way to bring their business into the conversation… a seriously lame way of running a business. This is how you lose friends.

Well there is an easier way.

Question: How can you bring your MLM recruiting into the 21st Century?

Answer: By make people come to YOU!

Quit hunting immediately. You no longer have to be that kind of recruiter. Using article marketing you can have potential recruits come and find you. Everyday. 24/7. Yes, even when you’re sleeping.

“The Numbers Can Get Pretty Crazy…”

Be The MLM ExpertHow many people do you speak to daily about joining your business? 2? 5? at most 10? What if you could multiply that… and get your message out to 20, 50, 100, or even more… each and every day…

Does it sometimes feel like you’re REALLY up against it when you’re trying to recruit just one single person? Let alone 20, 50, or 100!

Let’s face it, there is a limit on how many people you can physically speak to each day. As a result. there is a limit on how many people you can recruit each day. You are ‘hitting the streets’, and it takes a LONG time for your business to outgrow your own personal efforts.

This is where Internet Marketing comes in. More specifically, Internet Marketing With Articles. If you can publish a whole bunch of articles online, they will act as your own Virtual Salesmen, working tirelessly for you 24/7, delivering your message pitch-perfect every single time. By this time next week you can have hundreds of Virtual Salesmen in the form of informational articles working for you online.

If your message can reach 100 people a day, 1000 people a day, or even more, how much faster will your business grow?

“Hello, I would like to join your business”

How many times do you get a phone call that opens with “Hello, I would like to join your business”.

If you could get 5 calls like that every day, would you be your company’s Top Recruiter? I bet you’d be the one getting the largest award at your company’s next big meeting.

With your own articles spread across the internet you can have hundreds of people a day read your advice/tips/message. Getting just 5 phone calls with pre-qualified motivated prospects is a very achievable aim.