Top Online Network Marketing Tools

The Internet is the greatest recruiting tool ever created. There are 1,000,000,000 people with access to the web, and it would be the stupidest thing to just IGNORE THEM…

If you don’t kick your internet marketing into gear, you’ll be left right there where you began. Wishing you could recruit more people!

With that in mind, here are some of the best tools to grow your network marketing business online:

1. Aweber

Aweber Lead Automatic Responder

Aweber is a wonder machine. It allows you to send out marketing messages and e-mail updates to team members and potential recruits, and do it all automatically.

You can schedule e-mails to be sent in the future, and even put them in an automatic responder which will deliver specific e-mails to them after a certain number of days. It’s your own sales funnel.

This means you can generate leads on your own, and you can run your own marketing campaigns. All for about $19 per month.

(And if this kind of automatic marketing ISN’T going to earn you more than $19, then you probably shouldn’t be in this business…)

It solves a problem of not having enough time, and wishing you had a full time employee to juggle more tasks than you can imagine.

2. Market Samurai

Market Samurai is a keyword research tool. It’s one of the most popular keyword research tools, and it’s definitely the best.

The paid version has lots of extra features, but if all you want is keyword research (and to begin, that’s all you need) then it’s free. You can upgrade, but it’s not really necessary.

With Market Samurai you can find out what people are searching for, in order to write blog posts or publish articles to reach them.

Market Samurai is an essential tool for everybody promoting something online.

3. A blog

Start an MLM Blog

A blog is your virtual megaphone. It’s the online equivalent of hiring an aeroplane and writing something in the sky. You make your mark, you publish articles, and now the world can find you.

More importantly… your ideal prospects can find you. The beauty of a blog is that you are in complete control. You don’t have anybody telling you what you can can’t write about, you get to run ads for your own business, and you can use it to build your opt-in list with Aweber.

Start your own professional MLM blog here
It’s impossible to choose which of these tools I would give up if I had to.

You’ll soon learn…

…that each of these tools is key to building your network marketing business online!