#1 Top Online MLM Lead Generation Technique

The most important lead generation technique may shock you…

No, it’s not newspaper ads
No, it’s not a hype-filled salesletter
No, it’s not online videos
No, it’s not a newsletter campaign

It’s… expertise!

That’s right. Expertise.

As niche marketing expert Susan Friedman said in her book:

Highly visible, very successful entrepreneurs have 3 traits in common:

1. They are all considered experts in their fields.
2. They all make substantial and ongoing efforts to promote their expert identity
3. They have all achieved their position through hard work and smart marketing.

An Expert is someone you just can’t seem to escape from.

When you’re researching a certain topic, do you keep seeing the same name appear everywhere? You find blog posts written by them. You find more written about them. You find articles, books, videos, websites, testimonials…

You just can’t escape the expert! Why? Because we LOVE experts!

Susan Friedman goes on to say:

Every time the public tunes into the media they’re hearing expert opinions. This has created the expectation of expertise. If the buying public wants an Expert: Be The Expert!

Success depends on your ability to differentiate yourself from the generalists. Rather than be a grain of sand, be the beach umbrella!

Expertise is your #1 top online lead generation technique because:

  • There are fewer competitors at the top. Don’t fight at the bottom. Just rise to the top.
  • More efficient. Get more in-depth into your topic.
  • More profitable. People trust experts. They will seek you out.
  • Easier to get exposure. No one quotes the regular people. It’s all about the experts!
  • A key to becoming a trusted expert is to share your knowledge. You need to educate others.

    You can do this using videos, blogs, articles, and all the other traditional and modern marketing tools.

    BUT REMEMBER: you’re not selling your business opportunity.

    You’re selling yourself!

    - Lewis ;)