Recruiting Online to EARN a Downline

Recruiting Online

MLM ManifestoFACT: To most people, recruiting online is either expensive or time consuming, or IMPOSSIBLE!

Most people fail because they have very little to offer the world of Network Marketing.

Why should someone choose to join YOU. Forget your company. People buy people. Why should someone sign up with YOU?

Because you “have the greatest comp plan ever”?
Because the product “practically sells itself”?
Because “the company wants to create over 1000 millionaires”?

Not a chance. If this is how your recruiting is currently looking… you are wasting your time and money.

How To Earn a Downline

That’s right. Earn a downline.

If you want someone to sign up with you, you’ve got to be an expert. Would you sign up with a trainee, a novice, a beginner?

People look for the the best doctors, nannies, store owners, tv presenters, plumbers… why would they not look for the best sponsor?

You have to become the kind of sponsor who people will feel safe with. You need to be an expert.