Online Lead Generation for MLM

This globe is meant to represent Online Lead Generation. Do you think it does? ;-)Your team dies without lead generation.

Not only do you not add new people, but your existing people have less reason to stay.

What would happen to your team if everyone in your downline recruited 1 new person each month?

You’d have each existing person adding 1, every new person adding 1…

Month after month…

By the end of a year you would have an organisation so large your income would be unstoppable.

It all comes down to lead generation, and TRAINING YOUR TEAM ON LEAD GENERATION.

Use the articles to teach your team members how to recruit online.

Teach them that and you’re set.

You’re not telling them how to pitch everyone they meet every day standing in the queue at the post office, but how to get people to come to them.

Download the latest article pack all about Online Lead Generation from and get started with your unstoppable team.

Seriously. Get started.