MLM Time Management PLR Articles: Being Someone Worth Following

Be The MLM Expert With Your Own Articles… WITH YOU NAMED AS THE AUTHOR!

MLM Time ManagamentWhen you are talking to potential recruits for your MLM business it is important for them to see you as someone worth following. They need to know that YOU are the person they need to partner with, not Joe down the road or Bob who’s also been calling them.

You need to be seen as an MLM Expert who can guide them to success.

To become an instant expert online you just need to get into the habit of publishing helpful articles on your blog, article websites, and social networking websites.

A site like is a great platform to launch your Expert-status. It lets you publish articles online, attach your name/link/photo, and direct people to you recruiting website.

The question you now need to ask yourself is:

“Do I want to write all these articles myself, or have them written for me?”

If you have the time and talent to write them all yourself, go for it!

If you don’t, take a look at the latest article pack posted here at, on the subject of Time Management.

You get to show your potential team members, through online publication or emails or blog posts, that you know exactly what you’re talking about, are someone worth following, and someone smart to team up with.

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“Remember that lost time does not return” - Thomas a Kempis