Your MLM sponsor is wrong.

Not wrong on purpose. But they just don’t know any better.

  • Did your sponsor ever tell you to approach your friends and family?
  • To try and recruit everyone you meet during your day?
  • To try and steer every conversation around to your business?
  • Doesn’t it just make you feel dirty?
  • Abusing your social connections is NOT what this business is about.

    Ignore the “3 foot rule” that they taught you. Honestly, do you think successful business people look for potential partners in gas stations + shopping queues? Not a chance! They seek out exactly who they want to work with. They don’t just throw cheap business cards at everyone they ever meet.

    Ignore the “warm market – friends and family” crap. You’re not looking for someone to help you rake leaves off your front lawn. You’re looking for long-term business partners. You need the right people with the right skills, not someone you happen to be friends with. It’s too serious for that.

    If you spend most of your time recruiting the wrong people you’ll end up with a downline of unproductive recruits ill-suited for the business, and you’ll have an address book full of people who no longer answer your calls because you never shut up about your opportunity.

    You are building a business that will pay you for the rest of your life. You want an immense downline of productive and capable and ambitious people. You want your monthly check to be truly enormous, and your time-commitment to be minimal. And you will never achieve that if you spend years throwing business cards at the wrong people.

    So What’s Left?

    The smart ways of marketing.

    You need to decide who is your ideal recruit, and find them. And your best way of finding hundreds of these people is by letting them find you.

    Grow your reputation. Become THE expert who will attract the right people, and then you just handle all the calls from people who want to join your business. What if just 1 person called you every day saying they read your site and wanted to sign up?

    If you use the internet, and become “findable” through Google and other sites, you could reach thousands of people every single day. People who want something more from their lives. People with ambition. People who want to join your business.

    You can start by getting your name online in any way you can. Get writing, or download our articles from here. Get in front of your webcam and share what you know and who you are. Start a blog, connect with your potential recruits, and share your successes.

    If people find you and your opportunity through Google, and you focus on signing them up and training them, your business will explode.

    Imagine that, compared with the desperate MLMer standing in the gas station trying to convince the shelf-stacker that he needs to go into business with you. IT WOULD BE FUNNY IF IT WASN’T SO SAD!