Internet Marketing MLM Recruiting Articles (PLR)

Network Marketing Recruiting PLR for MLMI have uploaded a MASSIVE PLR article pack.  20 articles just $1 each. You get a full internet marketing course for your downline. Post to your blog, your newsletter, or print out and hand to your new recruits.

This pack is perfect for teaching your team how to get up and running online, even if they are complete beginners in both network marketing and internet marketing.

Subject: Online Marketing + Recruiting

Count: 11,686 words

Article titles:

1. The Online Marketing Revolution [446 words]
2. The Importance of Expertise Online [464 words]
3. Online Vs Offline – Recruiting 24/7 [619 words]
4. Build Your Reputation With Article Marketing [427 words]
5. Free Traffic From Search Engines: SEO Facts [643 words]
6. Blogging For Your Business [546 words]
7. Promoting Your MLM Website With Blog Comments [521 words]
8. Sell More, Rank in Google, and Find Customers with Squidoo [782 words]
9. Recruiting on Facebook – Groups, Walls, Invites [951 words]
10. Recruiting Online With 140 Characters or Less [576 words]
11. WordPress in 1 Weekend – Everything You Need [702 words]
12. Show Your Face Online: Debut on YouTube For Instant Expertise [454 words]
13. FACT: Forum Marketing Gets Connections + Results [459 words]
14. Go Handsfree: Build Your Very Own Autoresponder Robot To Recruit 24/7 [535 words]
15. Want More Qualified Prospects? Try a Funded Proposal… [665 words]
16. The #1 Instant Traffic Source For Your Website [481 words]
17. Web Hosting 101 [572 words]
18. Domain Name Registration 101 [538 words]
19. Internet Marketing Tools of The Trade [792 words]
20. The Online Marketing Secret Ingredient: Keyword Research! [513 words]


You can get this article PLR pack via the shopping cart for just $1 per article, and you are free to use the articles in almost any way you like!

  • You can compile the articles into a book, even, and sell it to generate leads and prospects.
  • You can set up a training email list for your team
  • You can publish them to your blog or website to bring in search engine traffic
  • You can even print them out and give them to your downline as a step-by-step guide

This pack is perfect for training your team.  Teach them how to recruit more people and your downline will grow larger every day!


- Lewis