MLM Article Ghostwriting

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MLM GhostwritingFinding a ghostwriter who properly understands MLM is a full-time job in itself…

Often when you hire someone to write articles for your business you end up getting poor quality content with extremely basic errors. No attention to detail!

You need someone who:

1. Understands how MLM works – inside knowledge!
2. Fully grasps your ultimate goal – recruiting quality people!
3. Has the ability to craft persuasive articles that push people to action – Come on, you! Take Action!

So, here you have it. Custom articles, 100% unique, for you and you alone. Nobody else can purchase the same content, and it’s all written based on your titles/keywords.

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- Lewis

Short Article / Blog Entry

This option is perfect for getting a higher Click Through Rate from social networking sites and blog posts.

Your target keywords will be used throughout the article naturally. I pay particular attention to how the article reads to HUMAN visitors – not simply stuffing keywords in to satisfy search engines.

In the end, you’ll have Top Quality Unique Content that both ranks well, and drives your visitors to action.

A shorter article requires less research and writing time, so costs you less. The quality is just as high as all other articles – the only difference is length.

$15 – up to 350 words

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Full-Length Article

Full-length articles are roughly 500 words. They are carefully crafted to weave in your keywords, your call to action, persuasive hooks, quotes, and links.

All full-length articles include at least 30 minutes of research and planning. All before a single word is written!

You have seen the quality from my PLR Article Packs store, so now you get 100% unique content to really supercharge your online branding…

$25 – roughly 500 words

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