Is There Such a Thing As Free Network Marketing Leads?

If you’ve been in MLM the longer than 2 days you’ll probably have asked yourself:

“Is there such a thing as a free network marketing lead?”

And the answer is…

…it doesn’t seem like it.

The fact is, every person who finds you will have cost you time, effort or many somewhere along the line.

There ARE many many ways to set up a system which will continue to bring in leads from now on, but the setup won’t be free from either time, money or effort!

For example, on my site you can download article packs to use on your own blog, or website, or Facebook group.

Once you’ve downloaded them, you can put your own name on them and claim them as your own. It’s almost like a marketing system in the box. Just without the box…

It’s this kind of smart marketing that means you won’t be stuck paying for advertising to the rest of your life.

FACT: There isn’t ever going to be a totally free network marketing lead.

* BUT you can set it up so that leads find you on their own, which significantly drives down the costs.

In fact, you would then just be paying maintenance fees for things like your website and phone bill.

READY? If you want to get started, publish them helpful articles online and make sure potential recruits can find you through Google. To DOWNLOAD some article packs from, just click here.

REMEMBER: Work smarter, not harder!