Ditch Your MLM Lead Generation Company

Generate Your Own Leads Online

There are companies out there that make BIG BUCKS selling leads to network marketers. Maybe you’re paying one of them…

But here is a fact for you:

“The leads are almost always higher quality if you generated them yourself”

That’s because they opted in to YOU, and not some unnamed lead generating company. They read about you. They read about your business. And they want more information. You have proven your expertise, and they have trusted you enough to let you contact them.

They are also prequalified, which makes them very high quality. Leads you buy from a lead generation company have simply put their information in a box that said something like “earn money from home find out more”, and their contact information has likely been sold to many other people as well as you!

Your own leads would win in a fight any day.

PLUS: You are always on the hook with a lead generation company. Constantly paying. If you want to grow your business you’re forced to constantly pay….  constantly, constantly, constantly….  When in fact you should be keeping more of that money for yourself.

How to generate your own leads online

The tools are already available online. You just need to start using them.

Things like:

  • Publishing your own articles (download some more PLR here)
  • Starting a blog
  • Using sites like Squidoo, and HubPages
  • And getting a grip with Twitter and Facebook
  • Use Aweber to grow your email list

Publish useful content online, people find it, they find you, and you’ve just got yourself a prospect.  You have an instant bond between the two of you.  You’re not a stranger trying desperately to sign them up by buying their contact information, instead you’re someone they reached out to, someone who was offering their help and advice online for all to see. It’s infinitely more powerful.

If you stopped paying your lead generation company, you would stop getting leads. That’s no way to run a business! You don’t want to be stuck relying on another company when you can almost as easily (and certainly more cheaply) take matters into your own hands. You could literally start today.  You’ll have to build it up over time, but you can certainly start today.

You can generate your own leads and free yourself from lead generation companies!