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Your purchase was successful!

You can download your article packs from your Dashboard. The files are also linked to directly in an email already sitting comfortably in your inbox.

You have PLR rights to all the articles, which means you can do anything you like with them – apart from sell them to others as PLR content. You can alter them somewhat and claim authorship, repackage them into training guides or recruiting packs, post them on your blog, read them out as a podcast, heck – learn ‘em off by heart if you want to, you really can do whatever you like with them… apart from use them to stock your own PLR content store.

The best practice with any PLR article, if you intend to use it in text form online, is to alter it as much as possible. Certainly alter the title, but also as much of the body of the article as you can. Google is known to penalize duplicate content in search results.

Download the articles and get started.

– Lewis